Thursday, May 04, 2006

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I spent a lot of time thinking about breathing dept equipment fire today and I have finally decided to do something about it. I find it easy to be serious until I have to take action. I am willing to take responsibility for the inaction, so that gives me a reason to beat myself up. Sometimes I think if I wasn’t so smart I would not be aware of my behavior and then be happy, but then maybe I would not have the foresight or initiative to put the plans into place to begin with. I often wonder if others feel the same way, but then hate to ask because if the don’t I will really feel like I am weird.

Hope there's a guarantee

I was at a wedding yesterday and I bumped into Fred and he was telling me about this article he read on chandelier position. And he just went on talking and talking about the article. I was really bored to death by all his talk but I was too polite to interupt. Sigh... why do I always have to be such nice guy?