Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Attorney Criminal Defense Fort Worth

I think a lot of us who are good finding information on the internet, take that talent for granted. I'm not braging but it seems rather simple to find just about any information on any subject using the net. My wife was trying to find inforamtion last week on attorney criminal defense fort worth and wasn't having any luck. She would search with too specific search terms instead of keep the first search on attorney criminal defense fort worth very broad and then narrowing it down after you see the results. Anyway, after she told me she couldn't find waht she was looking for, I spent about 10 minutes and emailed her 6 or 7 links pertaining exactly to attorney criminal defense fort worth. She was amazed!!! I guess I still hold my place, in my own mind anyways, as information extractor IF I could just spell as well as I search!!!

What to say

Man today has been a long day. Windows crashed and I had to backup all my data from my hard drive and re-install windows. Then I had to transfer the data back to my hard drive. I also made my hard drive into two partitions in order to increase my computer speed. So now after over four hours I am on the computer searching for bankruptcy lawyers in oklahoma city and it's working fine. Really fast and the searching continues.