Thursday, April 27, 2006

I wish you would listen to me

Every time I start talking about free online phone service. I lose track of time. In fact, I was just talking about that subject yesterday with a group of friends. The next thing we knew, it was four hours later and we were all starving. We agree that we were having too much fun to break up the party and decided to go down to the local pub for dinner and a few drinks. Thats when we really started having fun and I never got home until midnight. A few of the group got a little carried away and had to take advantage of a designated driver.

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Some sites are so full of cow dung. I mean, what kind of crap are some people peddling on their sites. But not a day ago, I came across this site that was so refreshing and unique in the way it presented information. I could see, on that particular topic, which searches other people like me were searching for. I personally was tickled pink.