Friday, April 21, 2006

Looking out the window...

Can you imagine about your working environment in the next 10 years? Thanks to the internet technology and the inventor. Our world is borderless now. I can communicate to my friends on the other side of the world with in a second or minute! How amazing is it? I can find something like canvas flame retardant tarps with a few clicks search through search engine although I don't have any knowledge about them. Virtual office becomes real. I can work from home or anywhere I like. I really want to know how the technology will change our life more in the near future coming.

Criminal background investigation

I just got back from a couple weeks spent working out of town - I mean 'way out of town'! We were in the middle of nowhere, with gloomy evergreens covered in new-fallen snow surrounding us. After our fairly warm winter so far, we had been lulled into a false sense of security and of course a rude awakening was bound to come our way. Well Wednesday night it hit us - about 35 below, and suddenly we were back in a real winter. Hard on the vehicles and even harder on the guys working outside all night. But righands don't quit, and 35 below weather won't stop them. They just kept on slogging away in the cold, barely visible in the ice fog hovering in the Arctic air. After checking on their frigid progress, I hurried back to my trailer, got on my computer, and continued my search for criminal background investigation that had been stumping me for a while. At least I could dream that I was somewhere with a warm tropical sun beating down on me!